New Year’s Resolutions

Hello, it’s been a while.

I’ve been meaning to write this since January  but I’ve not had the time! And I don’t mean a “I decided to go on Facebook instead”  type of arrangement but a genuine “oh my goodness its nearly the end of February” type thing. Which is a sentence I honestly never thought I’d say, especially based on how I felt when I started blogging last year. But it’s a new year and I made some changes…

To give you a tiny bit of background, I have never truly done New Year’s resolutions before. They always seem out of reach, too hard and by the end of the year, out of touch with the reality of my life. Previous attempts in January have ALWAYS been 1) loose weight 2) exercise more 3) some other random things that sound good. It feels like writing a list of unachievable goals is the “done” thing to do and then you can laugh (read cry) about them at the end of the year because you never managed to do even one. So I stopped bothering.  But despite all that, I do like that my goals and focus change in different seasons and I like starting a new year with a blank canvas. A friend of mine wrote a blog piece about having a word for the year. I’d never heard of it before but it really resonated with me; the thought of shaping my year around one tiny word really appealed to me (small things for small minds and all that…)  So I decided to start 2017 with a word for the year; for me personally, for my marriage and for our family life. The word is “intentional”. It really is what is says on the tin.

Having this one word suddenly opened up the possibility of also having achievable New Year’s resolutions. I know this might sound silly to some of you but my logic is that whether or not I manage to achieve said resolution, if I’ve been intentional I’ve achieved it. And because of that I wrote some this year and I thought I’d share them with you. In order to be intentional, I’ve given each one a starting step. I am fully expecting them to change; not in a huge way, but to slowly shape up and develop as the year goes on. I don’t want a list that is a burden or that makes me feel like a constant failure. I want a list that changes with me and my family and that shows the journey that I’ve been on.  So here it is:


  1. Go on social media less: start with only 3 times a day
  2. Exercise more: start with 10 sit ups & press ups a day and increase by 1 a day
  3. Wake up to God: start with not going on my phone/social media
  4. Be thankful: start with writing down 5 things I am thankful for a week
  5. Complete half started projects: start with wedding scrap book
  6. Loose weight: start with whole 30
  7. Learn a new skill: calligraphy/hand lettering: start with a beginners book
  8. Read my Bible more: start with once a week
  9. Read more: start with once a month
  10. Become more positive: start with moaning less
  11. Become more proactive: start with the family organiser


  1. Travel: start with one country/place we havent been to
  2. Become more ethical: start with home made thank you cards
  3. Family day: start with once a month


  1. Date night: start with once a month
  2. Print off/create our prayer diaries

I haven’t shared these for any reason other than I am discovering that being vulnerable and sharing with people can be empowering. I would say I am the least disciplined person I know and it already feels like an achievement that I can already see some of the things above happening. There’s definitely some I haven’t done or started and there’s some that need tweaking or progressing.  For example I never did complete whole 30 in January so I need a new starting step for ‘Loose weight’. I did, however, buy recycled card and envelopes and made thank you cards for Christmas so I now need a second stepping stone for ‘Become more ethical’.

My days don’t revolve around this list but at the minute my days do revolve around that word “intentional”*. It’s helped me to realise my purpose which is what I was struggling a bit with last year.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that I have always wanted to be intentional in everything I do, which is why I struggle when I feel unmotivated. Aside from feeling like this has been a small revelation in my life, it’s helped me to prioritise what I consider important. Some of you might have noticed that blogging didn’t feature on the list. And I don’t think it will. I didn’t start blogging to gain an audience or to get an extra income, I simply did it for me. And right now, the current me doesn’t need it or really have time for it. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy writing and I am sure, like I have done today, I will blog again (I do still have a very active thought process after all!) But today I’m pleased that my days are being filled with cooking, cleaning, playing with Finn, doing some work for Stewardship, meeting friends, doing my exercise video (ha!), reading my Bible, finshing and starting projects and other bits and pieces. It feels like this one little word has given me a bit of oomph.

So onwards and upwards! I’ll no doubt see you again when I think about something else that I desperately need to write about. For now I’m off to make raw chocolate bites…

C x


*I bet you’re sick of that word now. If you’re getting bored read it out loud slowly at least 10 times, thinking about the spelling of it, until you start questioning the very existence of the word and wondering if it is actually spelt with a j or a ch.

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