Starting with one

Starting a blog is pretty scary.

I have wanted to write for as long as I can remember but it requires a level of bravery that I didn’t think I had. There are thousands of blogs out there; many with talented, funny, articulate writers who have lots of interesting things to say. I can’t promise any of that! But in my quest to start pursuing new things and old dreams, I can promise a fairly bog standard one that’s heartfelt and honest (and they’re the best right?)

The most daunting part of this was deciding on the name! How do you come up with some cool, quirky, original title that people “get”? It feels very vulnerable; like the name is the door and what’s behind it could be absolute rubbish. But I wanted the name to capture a little bit about why I’m starting this. Aside from always wanting to write, there is a much bigger reason: having accountability.

Being an “ideas” kind of girl, my head flits from one idea, task or thought to the next. I’m creative; not in the painting or drawing kind of way but more in the “how can we make this better” type of way. My head is currently stashed with thoughts on how to be more productive with my time, make our household more ethically minded, live generously off of one salary, and spend more time with God. It often gets boggling and even a simple task can feel out of reach. My theory is that by writing a blog I will be forced to concentrate on just one idea or thought until it is completed. And as part of that, I will be accountable to those reading it to put in my full effort and not check Facebook every 10 minutes.

So I’m starting with one. One thought. One blog. One step.

And starting a blog is still pretty scary.

Discussing it with Nick, I tore myself apart; what if I’m not good enough, too boring, too personal, too quirky or blogging is just not my gifting? What if I loose friends, am laughed at or get trolled? You can see the recurring theme. He gently, as ever, reminded me that sometimes we do things for ourselves and perfection is subjective. A timely reminder that my “good enough” IS good enough. So count this as the warm up blog, the introduction, because I already have my first proper subject: “When your good enough is not good enough”. It will be up on here shortly.

4 thoughts on “Starting with one

  1. Margaret COPPEARD says:

    HI, How do I get this blog regularly? From the first post seems fascinating and also echos much if what I felt. Love G’ma xx


  2. Lauren Skinner says:

    Can’t wait to make a habit out of reading this! And if people don’t like what they see, they can stop reading! Simples xxxxx


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